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Nexen Tyres

    The South Korean tyre manufacturer Nexen Tyres, is well-known on the global market. Thanks to Bath Lane Garage Creditline, residents in and around this area can also enjoy the splendid tyres that Nexen makes. If you are looking to buy cheap Nexen Tyres online, you have come to the right place.

    Nexen is a combination of the words “next” and “century” which indicates their intentions: to create tyres and related technologies for the future.

    The sales of Nexen Tyres Mansfield will now rise thanks to our enormous inventory and experienced team of technicians to guide you when picking the right tyre.

    Why Buy Nexen Tyres?

    More precisely, does your car need Nexen? Yes, it does, and so will you, once you get to know the Korean giant.

    First and foremost, sticking to their marketing mantra, the company never compromises on safety. When you buy cheap Nexen Tyres Mansfield know that the price tag speaks only so little about the product itself.

    If you have any doubts about these products, allow Bath Lane Garage Creditline to mention some facts:

    Starting in 1942, Nexen has been manufacturing high-quality tyres for over 70 years now and have designated dealers in over 120 countries.

    Nexen understands the different driving needs and so offers tyres with 27 different patterns and in over 200 sizes. Their range includes ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres. They have specialised summer-, winter- and all-season Nexen Tyres available.

    In 2005, the company was awarded a patent for the space-age technology they now use to produce rubber/stratified silicate Nano-composite tyres. Another reason why you should buy Nexen Tyres online.

    Nexen currently boasts yearly revenues north of US$ 1.7 billion and is growing, especially in the emerging markets, where the demand for Nexen Tyres is higher. If you wish to further confirm the brand's strong international standing, you can search for Nexen Tyres Prices & Reviews on any search engine. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

    Top Nexen Tyres we have in stock

    Nexen N8000

    Nexen N8000 is an excellent ultra-high performance tyre that delivers strong performance on the dry and wet surface. With short braking distance, stable running and low noise, these tyres deliver safe, silent and a comfortable ride.

    Nexen N6000

    Nexen N6000 are UHP summer tyres, offering superior dry grip performance on the UK motorways. The treadwear is slow, thanks to the make and shape of the radials.

    Nexen N Fera SU1

    Nexen N Fera SU1 is a touring summer tyre that renders exceptional price-performance ratio with a quiet pass-by noise.

    Nexen N Fera RU1

    Nexen N Fera RU1 are high-performance summer tyres that can be fitted to SUVs and other 4x4 vehicles. They have low rolling resistance, resulting in low noise, reduced fuel consumption and improved economy.

    To learn more about Nexen and other tyres we sell on our website, use our “Search Tyres” feature at the top of this page. Just type in your vehicle registration number or tyre information (size etc.) and choose your favourite tyres before completing the purchase. You can certainly also book a fitting appointment at the same time.

    Buy Nexen Tyres at Our Facility

    Thinking about buying Nexen Tyres Mansfield? Ask our experts at Bath Lane Garage Creditline. You can call us on 01623 836000, send us an email or come to see us.

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