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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


When the summer sets in, many people go for long drives in their cars. That’s why a summer car-check Mansfield is very important to ensure that these drives are safe and enjoyable. An unmaintained vehicle can cause a lot of trouble.

Bath Lane Garage Creditline provides the best summer check Mansfield for motorists living in and around Bath Lane Garage Creditline. A summer check is essential especially before you go on holidays.

Essentials of a summer check

A summer check means that a lot of vehicle components are examined and replaced if needed in order to avoid sudden breakdowns etc.

Here are the essential features of a car summer check at Mansfield.

  • Our technicians will thoroughly check your car’s tyres to make sure there aren’t any damages (including the spare tyre) and are inflated with the correct tyre pressure. The tread depth must also be at least 1.6mm.
  • We will make sure, the windscreen wipers are in good shape and adjusting the water jet mechanism.
  • We also check
  • all oil and coolant levels.
  • the car’s AC
  • the auxiliary and fan belts are inspected.
  • brake malfunctions.

We also make sure your vehicle’s battery is working sufficiantly.

So, once the summer gets close, book your car in for a thorough summer check Mansfield in Mansfield.

Our rates will pleasantly surprise you.

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