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Have you ever had a closer look at your tyres? You might have noticed the letters and numbers on their sidewalls. These indicate various parameters of your car’s tyres. Bath Lane Garage Creditline shows you how to read these tyre size markings.

Reading your tyres

Your tyre size markings indicate a lot more than what you may think. Here is an example: your car’s tyre is marked “245 35 R19 91 H”:

  • ‘245’ is the entire width of a tyre measured in millimetres.
  • ‘35’ indicates its aspect ratio, often called a ‘tyre profile’. This profile is related to the sidewall, the wall at a tyre’s side. An aspect ratio/tyre profile is measured as a percentage of a tyre’s width. In this case, the tyre has a profile or sidewall that is 35% of that tyre’s width, or 35% of 245.
  • ‘R’ indicates that it is a Radial tyre.
  • Lastly, ‘19’ indicates the diameter of a wheel’s rim measured in inches.
  • ‘91’ is the load bearing symbol and indicates a tyre’s load index.
  • Finally, ‘H’ indicates the speed index or the maximum speed at which a tyre can be used. Exceeding the speed index might result in accidents.

Bath Lane Garage Creditline believes in providing as much information to our customers as possible so they can always make an informed decision.

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